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Health and Nutrition

At Grupo Bimbo, our main concern is the health of people. Therefore, we work under the guidelines set by national and international institutions such as the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization for the development of all our products.

In 2012, we continued our efforts on reducing total fat, trans fat, sugar and salt in products as well as decrease the size of the portions to provide greater benefits for consumer health.

Among our actions is our Responsible Marketing to Children Initiative

Responsible Marketing to Children Initiative.
Grupo Bimbo Pledge


The aim of this initiative is to use the highest standards of responsible advertising to help promote healthy lifestyles as well as the adoption of food feeding habits between our consumers. This advertising initiative for children should comply with the highest level of responsible marketing practices established worldwide.

Core Principles

GB is committed publicly to develop advertising that has as aim to promote healthy lifestyles and proper eating habits in children under 12 years under the following principles:

Grupo Bimbo Comprometidos con el Medio ambiente

1. Advertising Messaging:

GB will only advertise products aimed at children1 on television, radio, print media or the Internet2 when they represent a healthy dietary option according to:

(1) Advertising for products that represent healthy dietary choices, based on nutrient profiles consistent with global standards and scientific evidence. Strict compliance with the defined profile:

Fat3: < 35% of total calories
Saturated Fat: < 15% of total calories
Trans Fat: < 0,5 g (labeling)
Sugar4: < 35% of total calories
Sodium5: < 230 mg/serving size

(2) In those products where the above mentioned nutrimental profiles are fulfilled, the advertising will be done in a context of healthy lifestyles through messages that reinforce the idea of the adoption of:

a. Good dietary habits, consistent with criteria established at local level in every country where our products are commercialized and with International Guidelines based on scientific evidence.

b. Physical activity

c. PABI Code Guidelines

2. Use of licensed and own characters

GB agrees to use third-party licensed and own characters, only in those products that meet the nutritional profiles established

3. Product Placement

GB will commit to not paying for or actively seeking to place their products in the program/editorial content of any medium primarily directed to children under 12 for the purpose of promoting the sale of those products.

4. Use of Products in Interactive Games

GB agrees not to incorporate the image of its characters or their products in any interactive game primarily directed to children under 12, unless the products listed meet the nutritional profiles established.

5. Advertising in schools

GB will abstain from advertise its products in primary schools6 until:

a. The product fulfill the nutrimental profiles established previously

b. Expressly requested by the administration of the school for educational purposes or related to activities that promote healthy lifestyles under the supervision of the school administration or parents.

6. Promotions

GB will only advertise promotions7 directed to children under 12 years on products that meet the nutritional profiles established

7. Implementation

a. An implementation plan will be made by category and brand, defining products that are advertised for children in 2009 and which will be allowed to advertise in 2010. Identify products that meet the profile and will be advertised in 2010.

b. All definitions will come into effect on August 16th, 2010.

8. Monitoring

a. Monitoring and verification through internal audits by the areas:
- Scientific and Regulatory Affairs (R & D)
- Marketing: Implementation of the PABI Code guidelines
- Corporate Audit

b. Define a third party monitoring


*1 Children aged less than or equal to 12 years old.
*2 The restrictions on advertising will be made in children's hearings equal to or greater than 50%, the method for hearing measuring will be defined.
*3 Guidelines for Competitive foods sold in schools to students. Alliance for a Healthier Generation, E.U, 2008.
*4 Guidelines for Competitive foods sold in schools to students. Alliance for a Healthier Generation, E.U, 2008. Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools. Leading the way toward healthier youth. Institute of Medicine. E.U.
*5  If serving size is less than 25g then will be <230 mg / 50g Product.
*6 This limitation does not apply to samples of products for charitable activities or items provided to the school administration.
*7 Promotions are considered business practices that provide goods or services:
I. With the incentive of providing a good or service additionally equal or different, for free, reduced price or a single price;
II. With additional content in the usual presentation of a product, free or reduced price;
III. Figures and legends printed on the covers, labels or product packaging or included within them, other than those to be used, and
IV. Goods or services with the incentive to participate in contests and other similar events.