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1. When was Grupo Bimbo founded?

The Company was created in 1945 by Don Lorenzo Servitje, Don Roberto Servitje, Jaime Jorba, Alfonso Velasco, Jaime Sendra and José T. Mata.

2. How many brands does Grupo Bimbo have?

More than 100 highly prestigious umbrella brands including: Bimbo, Marinela, Oroweat, Arnold, Brownberry, Thomas’, Sara Lee, Dempsters, New York Bakery, POM, Barcel, Entenmann’s, Tia Rosa, Mrs Baird’s, Ricolino, Pullman, Dulces Vero, Fargo, Plus Vita, Nutrella, Lactal and Bimbo España. 

Grupo Bimbo manages over 13,000 products; outstanding among them are: loaf bread, sweet bread, pound cakes, buns, cakes, cookies, confectionery products, salty snacks, tortillas, tostadas and caramel candy among others.

3. How many associates does Grupo Bimbo have?

It has over +137,000 associates.

4. How many plants form the Group?

There are 195 plants.

5. How is its distribution system comprised?

Grupo Bimbo has almost +57,000 routes in the world.

6. How many points of sale does it have?

Grupo Bimbo reaches more than +3.0 millions points of sale.

7. What does Grupo Bimbo produce outside Mexico?

It produces baked products, pound cakes, buns and snacks, thus being the largest bakery in the world in terms of brand positioning, production volume and sales.

8. Which are its most recent acquisitions?

- 2014: Canada Bread Company Ltd.

- 2011: Sara Lee North American Fresh Bakery

- 2011: Fargo in Argentina

- 2011: Bimbo Spain and Portugal

9. When was Grupo Bimbo listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)?

In February 1980.

10. Why doesn’t it trade its stock abroad?

Because the Company has not needed to seek funds in international markets.  As a company, it has been capable to meet its needs on a timely basis within the Mexican market.

11. How many centers of sale does it have?

Grupo Bimbo reaches approximately 1,800 centers of sale.