RSS Grupo Bimbo News, Press Releases, Columns and Newsletter of Grupo Bimbo en Grupo Bimbo 2012 120 Grupo Bimbo GRUPO BIMBO IS ACKNOWLEDGED AS A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY (EMPRESA SOCIALMENTE RESPONSABLE) FOR THE 17TH CONSECUTIVE YEAR noticias 3805 Mexico City May 10, 2017.- In the framework of the Tenth Latin American Encounter of Socially Responsible Companies, Grupo Bimbo received the ESR (Empresa Socialmente Responsable) distinction for the seventeenth consecutive year. ]]> 1494945801 INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL SERVITJE IN THE UNIVERSAL NEWSPAPER BY MIGUEL ÁNGEL PALLARES GÓMEZ noticias 3531 Interview with Daniel Servitaje in the universal newspaper by Miguel Ángel Pallares Gómez ]]> 1470083165 Mexico’s 300 most Influential Leaders noticias 3531 For the sixth consecutive year, the list of Mexico’s most influential leaders presents the characters who influence Mexican society. ]]> 1469828209 GRUPO BIMBO ENTERS INTO INDIA noticias 3756 Mexico City, May 25, 2017 - Grupo Bimbo announces a joint venture agreement with Ready Roti India Private Limited (“Ready Roti”) in the Republic of India, in which Grupo Bimbo will hold a 65% stake.

GRUPO BIMBO INAUGURATES THE SECOND BUILDING OF ITS PLANT IN VILLAHERMOSA noticias 3754 Villahermosa, Tabasco, April 28, 2017 – Today, the inaugural ceremony of the second building of the Bimbo Villahermosa plant took place with the presence of the Governor of the State of Tabasco, Arturo Núñez Jiménez; the head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, David Gustavo Rodríguez Rosario; attending, as well, the Senior Executive Vice President of Grupo Bimbo, Javier González Franco and Miguel Ángel Espioza, President of Bimbo México. The expansion required the Company to invest $15 million dollars. ]]> 1493737394 GRUPO BIMBO LAUNCHES OPERATIONS IN MOROCCO noticias 3754 Mexico City, April 27, 2017 – Grupo Bimbo announced the acquisition of Groupe Adghal, a company dedicated to the production and distribution of baked goods in Morocco. ]]> 1493396181 KORN FERRY BRIEFINGS INTERVIEW noticias 3360 ]]> 1441905069 Daniel Servitje receives award in the US noticias 2248 ]]> 1370881427 The Unstoppable Mexican Wave noticias 2244 ]]> 1370881427 Baking a better entrepreneurial world noticias 1215 ]]> 1370880754 GRUPO BIMBO, THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVERSION TO RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY noticias 1213 ]]> 1351709173 Don Roberto Servitje's participation in the 2012 edition of the Business for peace awards noticias 1208 In 2010 I had the honor of being awarded with the Oslo Business for Peace Award. ]]> 1337792902