Board of Directors


We follow the best international practices in Corporate Governance, as well as those suggested by institutions like the Mexican Stock Exchange. All of our governance bodies are made up of professionals with extensive experience in and knowledge of the industry in Mexico.

Our highest governing body is the Shareholders’ Meeting, which has the authority to designate members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is supported by the specialized work of three Committees.

In keeping with Grupo Bimbo’s corporate charter, the Board of Directors must be made up of between five (5) and twenty-one (21) regular members, at least twenty-five percent (25%) of which must be independent (outside) members.

The Board of Directors, appointed and ratified during the General Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on April 8, 2014, is made up of eighteen (18) regular members, who will remain in their post until the persons appointed to replace them assumes his or her duties.

The Board of Directors is the governance body in charge of determining the company’s long-term business strategy, approving its main business decisions, overseeing management, managing risks, monitoring regulatory compliance, and choosing, evaluating and dismissing (when necessary) the Chief Executive Officer and other key company executives.

For more information, see the section entitled “Management and Shareholders” of the annual report filed with the Mexican Stock Exchange. Available online at