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This is how Grupo Bimbo is working to take care of the planet through our Comprehensive Waste Management strategy

Comprehensive Waste Management strategy

Since our foundation more than 70 years ago, we have worked every day toward being a sustainable, highly productive, and fully humane company. Guided under our philosophy, we have implemented various actions to care for our planet, including a Comprehensive Waste Management strategy that we carry out across our global operations.

Our actions are aimed at the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste that originates from the value chain – that is, from the acquisition of supplies, to our participation in programs and campaigns for the proper handling of post-consumption packaging – with the sole purpose of contributing to the process of making this a better world.

Lines of action in the field of waste management

At Grupo Bimbo, we promote sustainability by working to improve the control, reduction, and recycling of waste. As part of this environmental responsibility, we address three stages in our value chain:

1.- Design of our packaging

- Reduction of packaging material (sizes and dimensions): since 2010 we have managed to eliminate the use of 2.3 million kilograms of plastic.

- We work on the identification and validation of new technologies. An example of this is the oxobiodegradable packaging that has been in use since 2008, as a measure for waste that, for whatever reason, is not properly disposed of. This technology breaks polymer chains at the molecular level, giving way to the structure’s chemical transformation, where finally the conventional plastic is converted into CO2 and biomass, therefore not generating micro plastics in the environment.


2. Manufacture

- Circular economy practices with suppliers for the return and recycling of containers.

- Initiatives to reduce waste in plants and recycling goals: In 2017 we had 30 plants with zero waste to landfill thanks to our recycling and waste to energy practices. We also reused and/or recycled 92% of the total waste from production processes at a global level.

3. Recycling and Post-consumption

- We participate in post-consumption recycling programs in several of the countries where we operate: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe, among others.

Through this waste management strategy and he way it complements other lines of action, at Grupo Bimbo we continuously seek to reduce our environmental impact and take care of the planet's resources for present and future generations, committed to working in a sustainable way in order to feed a better world.

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