Our competitive advantages

"Leading Global Baking Company"

Size is an advantage in a complex and capital-intensive industry. We benefit from our geographic diversification, product portfolio, the talent within the industry and our ability to leverage resources and knowledge as well as to build, acquire and reinvest.

"World class distribution"

We have an extensive world-class direct-distribution network and one of the largest fleets in the Americas and more than 57,000 distribution routes worldwide. Our fleet travels in the aggregate the equivalent to 90 trips around the world and reaches more than 3 million points of sale every day.

"Extraordinary manufacturing capabilities"

We produce more than 49 packages every day, ensuring quality and freshness with global reach and local execution. Our ongoing focus on low-cost production enhances the efficiency of our operations.

"Market-leading brands and an innovation pipeline"

Our billion-dollar brands: Bimbo, Marinela, Arnold, Brownberry, Oroweat, Barcel and Thomas’, and highly recognized brands including Sara Lee, Entenmann’s, Ricolino, Tia Rosa, Plus Vita and Dempster’s, enjoy consumer loyalty, top of mind awareness and healthy market positions. Significant investments in R&D allow us to innovate and stay ahead of consumer trends.

"Solid platform for growth"

With more than 70 years of consistent growth, we know how to identify and capitalize on the substantial growth opportunities in our industry, either in our current markets, through innovation and increased penetration, or in new geographies and categories with high growth potential.

"Responsible financial policies"

We take a conservative approach towards risk management and pursue disciplined reinvestment and cash management policies. Our healthy and flexible balance sheet allows us to invest in growth and productivity while maintaining investment grade ratings. We have a track record of financial outperformance and stability throughout time.

"Seasoned management team, sound governance and citizenship"

We hold ourselves accountable to our organizational values, align our interests with those of our stakeholders, and pursue international standards, certifications and best practices.

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