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Grupo Bimbo recognized as a Healthy Responsible Company

06 Jul 2018

Within the framework of the 7th edition of the Workplace Wellness Council-Mexico, Grupo Bimbo received the Recognition of a Healthy Responsible Company (RESR®), due to its commitment to create and develop continuous improvements in the promotion of health and wellness in its corporate building.

The RESR® is only received by companies that have specific strategies to develop a comprehensive culture of healthcare with actions that prevent diseases, educate about healthy habits, and encourage environments that favor, promote, inform, and raise awareness about well-being, health, and self-care to its associates.

For Grupo Bimbo, people are at the center of its philosophy and so therefore the company constantly develops actions that guarantee the integrity of its associates. For example:

• Campaigns for the prevention of serious and seasonal diseases are constantly being implemented.

• The company has certified, balanced dining rooms in its various workplaces around Mexico.

• Grupo Bimbo associates have spaces for physical activity within their workplace.

• In Mexico, Grupo Bimbo promotes the Vivo Sano #EsporMí program, which motivates associates to adopt healthy lifestyles. In 2017, 23,000 people participated.

• In addition, the company provides services to prevent diseases, such as anthropometric measurements and physical condition tests, as well as medical examinations for associates over 40 years of age.

The Recognition of a Healthy Responsible Company reaffirms the world's largest breadmaker’s commitment to the health and safety of its associates.

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