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Sustainable, Highly Productive and Deeply Humane

At Grupo Bimbo, we build a more humane world by valuing people, their potential, talent, and virtues, which is why we promote a safe work environment that promotes the well-being and life balance of our associates. We are convinced that inclusion is a relevant aspect for our growth and consolidation as a society, which is why we recognize the wealth in the difference of people, always promoting a work environment of respect and dignity.

To achieve this, we monitor and measure the satisfaction of our associates in their workplace, and we develop their leadership skills through training and professional development.

We have the GB University, a training and development platform with online and face-to-face courses with a wide range of content that drives technical and leadership skills. This is available in five languages for all our associates globally.

For us, a safety culture with measurable results and accountability is of the utmost importance. In 2016, our working days were reduced by 12% and 8% from disability and injuries, respectively.

We continue with the goal of becoming a more diverse and inclusive company. The gender composition of Senior Management and the Board of Directors now has more women.

Furthermore, more than 13,000 associates have been trained through the Diversity and Inclusion seminar.

We develop innovative tools with global reach for talent management, which gives us greater visibility of our people's potential, allowing them to explore new opportunities and generate greater transparency in labor decisions.