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Information for Evaluators

This integrated annual report contains the global economic, social, environmental, and financial results of Grupo Bimbo for the period beginning January 1 and ending December 31, 2020. The “essential” version of this report was prepared in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, with the information requested by the Mexican Stock Exchange through SAM (now S&P Global) to form part of the Sustainable Index and information obtained in response to requests about our material topics and stakeholders. The last report was prepared for the same period corresponding to 2019.

Our value chain

From our strategy we are aware of our value chain’s environmental impacts. This year we conducted a plan for each of the global functional areas in our value chain, that projected clear actions for lowering the company’s environmental risks over the coming years to reach the goals, as well as for gauging our impacts along the entire chain.

Our value chain