Sustainability in Numbers


More than 79K people from 35 cities and 21 countries,

Have run the GLOBAL ENERGY race reaching the Guiness Record for the most people running a 10k race on the same day in the most cities.


More than 1M
slices of box bread

were donated to food banks to fulfill promise of 2 slices per kilometer run in the GLOBAL ENERGY race.


More than 77K

have played in Futbolito Bimbo tournament in Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, USA, Guatemala and México.


123 certified plants

under nourishment security standards sustained by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


7 innovation centers
and 2 nourishment laboratories

the work in the improvement of nourish profiles and the development of new products.



Of our products

change nourishment to nutrition.


350 electric vehicles

have been made by Grupo Bimbo and they are part of our family.


The Piedra Larga wind farm

has generated 825,734 GJ during a year.


Our environmental footprint

It was maintained in 1'562,800 Tons of CO2 despite the increase of factories and distribution route.



from generated waste in our production processes

They are recycled, including the new operations.


312,758 m3 of water
were left to use.

It means a reduction of 6% against 2015.


597,000 m3
water were cleaned

in our plants of processing. 75% is reused for taking advantage of it.


On environmental
certifications 2016:

3 plants in Europe certified under ISO14001 and 32 plants in Mexico on clean industry.


15 plants in USA
and 3 plants in Mexico

have achieved management processes of efficient waste that will quit totally to deliver to landfill.


More than 88K people

among family, collaborators and friends participated in volunteer programs Grupo Bimbo.


USD $6.1M

were donated to civil associations to social development around the world.


MXN $85M

were donated to civil associations for social development in Mexico.


129 good neighbor projects

were finished around our plants to global level for improving the quality life to thousands of people.


More than 1M
training hours

given to collaborators, through online university of Grupo Bimbo.


More than 7M collaborators have participated

in diversity and inclusion course. 61 collaborators were certified as instructors to teach the program.