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What are Bimbo's products made of?


Cereals are the main ingredients in all of our products. Some are made with whole grain flours, others with fortified white flours, and the rest use sprouted flours and sourdough. Recently, we have also included products in our portfolio made with crushed cereals without flours. Each of our products is focused on the different tastes, needs, and lifestyles of our consumers.

Many cultures base their diet on grains, and most countries recommend their consumption. Bread, one of the most popular foods, has grains as its main ingredient.

Bread has been made since ancient times, and each culture has incorporated it as an element of their own unique identity.

Bread can be made with many ingredients, but as mentioned at the beginning, grains are its main ingredient. The recipe can be simple or complex, depending on the different elements added, but its base will always be made up of cereal flour; water; a chemical or biological leavening agent (such as baking powder or yeast, respectively); salt; fats or oils; and, in some cases, sugar.

The same processes are applied in the creation of packaged breads as in artisan ones. However, largescale production of packaged breads demands more sophisticated equipment and often requires additives to maintain the highest-possible taste, safety, and shelf-life for each product.