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2000 - 2010

Bimbo 2000

Incursions into the East Asia market and US coastal areas; Chocolates La Corona and the El Globo bakeries integrate into GB.

Bimbo en 2000 - 2010
Since 2008, we’ve been rolling out new technologies that allow us to reduce plastic’s impact on the environment.
In 2001 we reached Brazil via two major players in that country’s markets, Pullman and Plusvia.
Since 2008 we have developed seven Innovation Centers. There are two in the United States; one in Canada and one in Mexico; one in Latin America and two in Europe.
This haute pâtisserie joined the family in 2005.
In 2006, Grupo Bimbo made its entry into the Chinese market through an acquisition of the Spanish bakery Panrico SAU’s Beijing operations.