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Marina de Tavira Servitje

Marina de Tavira Servitje

Member of the board | 1 year
1 year

Marina de Tavira is a mexican theatre, film and television actress. Mrs. de Tavira holds an acting degree from La Casa del Teatro, A.C. and a diploma in acting from the Núcleo de Estudios Teatrales, A.C.

She has been nominated by different associations of theatrical journalists in Mexico and to the award “Diosas de Plata” for her work in cinema.

Together with Enrique Singer, formed Incidente Teatro. Where they have produced "Tragaluz", "El Río", "Traición", "Crímenes del Corazón", "La Mujer Justa", "La Anarquista", and "Obseción".

Marina was nominated for an Oscar in 2019 for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of the role of “Sofia” in the multi-award-winning “Roma”.

For this same role, Marina was awarded with an “Ariel” in the category of Best Female Co-Acting in the 2019 edition of the most important awards in Mexican cinema.