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Grupo Bimbo promotes the reduction, treatment, reuse and efficient use of water in all its operations globally

Treatment and Reuse, Reduction and New Technologies, Grupo Bimbo has invested in technology and innovation to achieve optimal results in terms of water use.
Treatment and Reuse, Reduction and New Technologies
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

Grupo Bimbo, promotes sustainable and innovative initiatives, focused on improving processes and the use of alternative sources in all its operations. This is part of the company's commitment to a sustainable development.

For more than 70 years, Grupo Bimbo has valued the importance of water for life; in this sense, the company works under three lines of action that are part of its environmental strategy:
* Reduction
* New technologies
* Treatment and Reuse

For the reduction and responsible use of water, Grupo Bimbo promotes:
* Efficient cleaning processes in its operations
* Technologies that allow savings and efficient use
* Alternative sources such as rainwater harvesting
* Constant improvement in their reuse processes, using treated water for different purposes such as irrigation of green areas, sanitary services and vehicle washing

Derived from good water-saving practices, during 2018 Grupo Bimbo achieved considerable results, such as 2% decrease in total water consumption per ton compared to 2017, additionally 74% of all its treated water is reused in processes such as irrigation of green areas and vehicle washing.

In this regard, in 2018 they ventured into new technologies focused on the optimization of wastewater treatment process, which allows reducing the spaces required for treatment, and obtaining better water quality for reuse; At a global level, they have 57 treatment plants and more than 55 rainwater collection systems.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations (UN), of Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all, Grupo Bimbo works to build a world with a sustainable way by investing in technology and innovation to reduce its environmental footprint and water consumption, thus contributing to a better world for present and future generations.

Treatment and Reuse, Reduction and New Technologies

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