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1945 - 1950

Bimbo 1945

We introduce the Super-Pan Bimbo, an innovation in Mexico City market because it is wrapped in cellophane.

Bimbo in 1945 - 1950
The first product launches were supported by an original advertising campaign published in Mexico’s biggest newspapers.
Super-Pan Bimbo breads became a new sensation in Mexico City markets.
Bimbo founders’ family backgrounds included a longstanding tradition of bread-making.
At first, Bimbo sales associates only covered Mexico City and certain spots like Pachuca, Puebla, Cuernavaca and Toluca
Panificación Bimbo (i.e., “Bimbo Bread Bakeries”) kicked off operations on December 2, 1945. Its creators’ vision was to “make truly good, nutritious, tasty, fresh bread…
The most common premise is that the name was a combination of bingo (the famed letters and numbers game) and Bambi, the captivating foal from the Walt Disney animated film. 
At the beginning of the 40s, El Molino Bakery Production Chief Jaime Sendra was the first to talk of industrial manufacture for pan de caja (aka, pan de molde; “sliced sandwich bread”).