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We drive regenerative agriculture with sustainable projects

Grupo Bimbo, the leading breading company in the world, has contributed with its support to the Mexican field through sustainable corn and wheat crops in over 14,800 acres.
We drive regenerative agriculture with sustainable projects
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

• With regenerative agriculture practices, the company revitalizes the health of the Mexican field, assuring its sustained arable value.

• It also promotes support programs for goat milk, potato and cocoa producers to increase their wellbeing.

• The initiatives implemented by the company have already benefitted over 1,300 small producers in the country.

Grupo Bimbo, the leading breading company in the world, has contributed with its support to the Mexican field through sustainable corn and wheat crops in over 14,800 acres which, thanks to to regenerative agriculture practices, have improved the soil’s health. The company also drives goat milk, cocoa and potato projects, benefitting over 1,300 small producers in different areas in the country and promoting the development of their value chain.

Along with the International Center for Improvement of Corn (CIMMYT), and as part of the agreements signed in 2017, Grupo Bimbo contributes positively to more than 940 small producers from 41 municipalities in Hidalgo, Jalisco, Sinaloa and Sonora, providing them with sustainable practices and technologies which have had notable results and a growing acceptance in the field. This includes two pilot projects: Bimbo Sustainable Wheat and Bimbo Sustainable Corn, which have had strategic partners added, such as Cargill.

These projects look to create synergies which will contribute for corn and wheat producers to have better competitiveness and profitability, through the adoption of sustainable practices, among others.

Grupo Bimbo’s part in these two initiatives comes from the need to strengthen the agricultural sector in Mexico and to promote the care for natural resources. This is how the company serves as a tractive organization and, alongside CIMMYT, introduces sustainable technologies and practices that generate an economic impact on farmers while they protect the environment.

Among the benefits are cost reduction and production increase, leading to their families’, communities’ and rural
regions’ wellbeing.

Some of the results and impact reached in both projects are:


In addition to these initiatives, others just as relevant have been promoted with potato and goat milk producers.

For 2021, Grupo Bimbo’s potato suppliers (which are 100% Mexican) will conclude the Global GAP certification (Good Agricultural Practices), an international certification of good agricultural practices which also helps producers have a better management and control in sustainable production.

As for goat milk, the company looks to give sales assurance to 350 producers, which include special programs it develops with state governments. The goal is for small producers to be able to incorporate to the value chain while their goats’ genetics are improved, the number of milking animals is increased and their infrastructure is improved, which leads to a better, larger production by working with a stable scheme.

As for cocoa, during 2020 Grupo Bimbo got through strategic suppliers, cocoa from producers from Tabasco and the Soconusco region in Chiapas. With this, the company guarantees the sale and productivity of its crops becoming a source of income for producers who, in turn, offer excellent quality, their product being criolle Mexican cocoa.

“For Grupo Bimbo, sustainability is part of our business strategy, of our DNA. As a company, we are committed to reinforce and widen our sustainable initiatives every day in all operations and socially in all communities where we are. Specially in the case of the agricultural sector, one of the most in need, we will keep the rhythm to strengthen the agricultural conservation initiatives that we’ve launched, and we’ll increase the support and partnerships with the players of the Mexican field”, assured Javier Gonzalez Franco, Grupo Bimbo’s Deputy Director General.

Since its founding 75 years ago, Grupo Bimbo has launched different initiatives to support the field. In 2017, it presented its Global Sustainable Agriculture Policy, which has been the base for its strategy focused on promoting actions from agricultural production to the integration of its products in supply chains with sustainable practices. Also, alongside Earthworm Foundation, it has worked to apply actions committed to their Global Palm Oil Policy.

With these initiatives, Grupo Bimbo reaffirms its commitment to the implementation of its Global Sustainable Agriculture Policy, which is based on three main pillars: economic viability, environmental care and respect of workers and communities.

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