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Latin America’s biggest bakery

In 1972, Bimbo constructed Latin America’s biggest bread-baking facility.
Latin America’s biggest bakery

Starting in the 70s, a decisive production-related step forward was taken in the form of more advanced systems implementation that gave way to even more hygienic product lines evincing improved quality control. 

Thanks to these advances, production lines now manufactured a large-size loaf-and-a-half every second. 

In 1972, Bimbo constructed Latin America’s biggest bread-baking facility; the monumental plant was erected on the former San Pedro Xalapa Ranch’s 22-hectare expanse. In addition to its size, its modern production processes were widely admired. 

Two years later an adjacent property became the site of the Marinela plant, also endowed with cutting-edge technology.  

Not long after, experience operating the plants allowed Bimbo to leverage enormous comparative advantages at the new installations.

La planta panificadora más grande de América Latina