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2010 - 2020

Bimbo 2011

We consolidated as the world’s largest baked-goods company and migrated to clean energy in all our operations.

Bimbo in 2010 - 2020
At Grupo Bimbo we seek a place on the cutting edge of actions-implementations that reduce environmental footprints.
In 2012, we inaugurated our Piedra Larga windfarm, serving Grupo Bimbo, the largest of its kind at that time and dedicated to the food industry.
In 2017 we announced acquisition of a leading food-service company.
2017 saw us create the Eleva Technology Accelerator by Bimbo as a part of Bimbo Ventures, an ecosystem that offers startups what they need to develop their initiatives.
In 2015 we hosted the first edition of our popular footrace that enjoyed participation from 22 cities in nineteen countries.
Our entrance into this continent was officially 27 March 2017, when the bear-cub hit Morocco thanks to the acquisition of the Agdhal Group local enterprise. 
In 2012, we launched the “Buen Vecino” (“good neighbor”) program focused on implementing improvements in the communities that surround our factories.
In 2012, Mexican engineers at Moldex, a Bimbo subsidiary, designed our first electric vehicle to begin delivering our products while taking better care of the environment.