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5 Ways to Improve Your Fitness and Get Started With 2024

Ways to improve your condition, beginner level.
5 Ways to Improve Your Fitness and Get Started With 2024
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To achieve your New Year's resolution of improving your physical condition, we offer these tips that will help you progress easily.

1. Improve your balance

Although the balance decreases with age, some young people may have deficiencies in this area, which can cause falls and other injuries. Some exercises to improve it are:

Advanced stork: Stand barefoot on one foot and turn your head slowly from side to side, either with your eyes closed or open. Hold this position as long as possible, and then switch foot.

Heel-to-toe walk: Place a strip of colored tape on the floor. Walk barefoot along its length with the tip of one foot touching the heel of the other.

Walk on your heels and change direction every 10 steps and walk on your fingertips back and forth. If you can, close your eyes.

2. Improve your mobility

How well can you move? Do these exercises to improve it:

Sit-ups: This exercise helps build the muscles needed to keep you standing. First, stand with your feet apart at shoulder height, your toes slightly outward, and your arms stretched forward. Keeping the spine aligned, lower slowly until your thighs are parallel to the ground; lower a little more if you feel comfortable. Get up slowly and repeat.

Stretch of the world: This should improve the range of motion in your joints. Place yourself in a plank position on the floor with your arms straight. Move your right foot forward until it rests near your right hand. Raise your right arm and turn your body that way, looking at your outstretched hand. Switch to the other side and repeat until you get tired.

3. Improve your stamina

How fast do you run or walk a kilometer? We recommend this exercise:

Intervals of 30-20-10: The most effective way to improve endurance is by short bursts of intense exercise, according to Jens Bangsbo, an exercise scientist at the University of Copenhagen, who studies intervals.

First you must choose your exercise (walking, cycling, swimming or running). Warm-up. Then, do the exercise slowly for 30 seconds. Increase the pace for 20 seconds. And work harder for 10 seconds.

The 30 seconds should feel like a 3 on a 10-point effort scale; the 20 seconds, about a 5; and the 10 seconds, like a 7, 8 or higher. Repeat this one-minute sequence three to five times, and try to perform an interval session each week, increasing your repetitions or speed as you improve.

According to Bansbo, the amount of training should be increased progressively.

4. Improve your strength

Strengthen and keep your muscles healthy.

Static suspensions: It creates strength, just as it measures it. Hold the bar with your feet on the ground and hold it firmly until you become strong enough to lift your feet. Gradually, increase the suspension time.

Farmer's walk: From the ground, lift a dumbbell or kettlebell as heavy as you can lift in each hand. (You can use large bottles filled with water). Hold the weight steady, slightly away from your body, and walk around a room or hallway. Slowly increase the weight or walking time.

5. Improve Your Overall Fitness

Burpees is a calisthenic exercise that includes squats, impulses, and bending. It requires resistance, strength, balance, and mobility and provides a good estimate of your overall physical condition.

To make a burpee: Standing up, get down quickly, put your hands on the floor, push your legs back, get down on a flex, bring your legs back to your chest and get up (a jump at the end is optional).

According to Turp, the best way to get fit and level up in this exercise is to do it regularly.

If you liked knowing more exercises that help you to be healthy, share them with your loved ones and start the year improving your physical health.

Source: Washington Post

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