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Bimbo Open Door’s face-to-face session concludes at corporate building
The goal of this business accelerators program is to find collaboration points with startups that offer benefits for both but also learn from their agile essence and willingness to experiment
Grupo Bimbo
Takis Blue Heat
The winners are creditors of the Voted Product Of The Year red label, which is globally recognized for certifying products and brands as the best in their different categories
Grupo Bimbo
United States
Bimbo products with the globalized recipe
According to Forbes, the success and consolidation of Grupo Bimbo over the last 73 years is due to its “Mexican style” of doing things. This model is based on “knowledge of the markets and anticipating the whims of globalization,”
Mexico City
Estrategia de la subsidiaria Bimbo Ventures
Concluye la segunda edición del programa de Grupo Bimbo que preside Daniel Servitje para la búsqueda de emprendedores y nuevas empresas de soluciones tecnológicas.
El Sol de México
Mexico City