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Planetary diet, what is it and why should we care?

Learn more about planetary diets with our expert
Planetary diet, what is it and why should we care?
Grupo Bimbo

To ensure that we will be able to feed the entire population by 2050, the planetary diet emerges, which is optimal for the health of people and the planet, favoring more sustainable forms of production.

We invited Aldin Delfino, Leader of New Business and Wellness at Grupo Bimbo to literally explain what they are and how they are eaten. 

The first thing Aldin tells us is where planetary diets are born "Currently the future of food is evolving towards more sustainable productions, since, if we continue with the agri-food model we know, in a few years we will have finished the resources". 

According to the United Nations, the world's population is expected to reach 10 billion people by 2050, so planetary diets seek to ensure the health of the Earth and humans. 

Now, as are the planetary diets: "It is a style of eating where the consumption of vegetable origin is prioritized, doubling the consumption of healthy foods such as whole grains and in turn  minimizing (but not eliminating) animal consumption," says Aldin.  

She also explained that the planetary diet is more commonly known as the so-called FLEXITARIAN, that is, prioritizing the consumption of foods of plant origin while continuing to consume those of animal origin, but doing so in an occasional way. 

And then, where does the sound "plant based" come in, to which the leader repliedthat they are  all foods made exclusively from ingredients of plant origin

So what would be the objective of Grupo Bimbo?

Promote and favor planetary diets: offering our consumers healthier products, clean recipes, made with ingredients that come from sustainable sources and are accessible to all. 

In Grupo Bimbo our bakery and snack offer can be part of a healthy diet thanks to the inclusion of a wide range of whole grains and ingredients of vegetable origin. 

Today, a large part of our portfolio  could already be qualified as plant based, which are  100% plant-based products, such as  the range of whole grain breads. 

Finally, Aldin gives us his tips to start eating a planetary diet at home:

  • Diversify 

Eat everything, try  theternatives to foods of animal origin, andleave integral options, and be open to new ingredients  and flavors. 

  • New options 

When eating out try to choose the vegetable option, for example, a portobello or chickpea burger instead of the one you would regularly order.

  • Set goals 

Start by setting easy-to-meet goals, for example 1 day a week free of animal foods.

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