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For the second consecutive year, Grupo Bimbo is honored as the most committed company to the use of renewable energies

In its most recent Annual Report, Grupo Bimbo informed a solid progress in implementing its strategy of deriving all the electrical energy it consumes in its global operations from renewable sources by 2025.

MIREC 2019
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

 For the second consecutive year, Grupo Bimbo was honored as the company with the greatest commitment to the use of renewable energies.  The Best Corporate Energy User award, which is presented in the framework of Mexico's Commercial and Industrial Energy Congress MIREC 2019, recognizes the company’s initiatives and progress in terms of energy efficiency.  

The award also affirms the objective of the world’s largest baking company, in which Bimbo has committed to deriving 100% of the electrical energy used in all its operations worldwide from renewable sources by 2025.

Irene Espinola, Global Manager of Renewable Energy at Grupo Bimbo, said of this recognition, “This award reaffirms the commitment that we have at the company for the care of the planet and rewards the effort of all of the employees who do their part every day to reach the goal of building a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company.” Espinola added that “the energy efficiency strategy that we have developed globally has contributed to Grupo Bimbo reporting, in its most recent 2018 Annual Sustainability Report, a reduction of more than 100,000 tons of CO2e, which is equivalent to 5 million trees planted.”

Grupo Bimbo

During the MIREC 2019 ceremony, Grupo Bimbo also received the Best Renewable Energy Collaboration award for its alliance with strategic partner Enlight, that contributed to the development and installation of Bimbo Solar roofs in Bimbo’s facilities across Mexico inaugurated last year. It was also a key ally as the company became the first in the country to receive Clean Energy Certificates for Distributed Generation.

Grupo Bimbo’s accomplishments related to energy efficiency reported in its most recent Consolidated Annual Report include:

• In the United States, the company received the Partner of the Year 2019 certificate from ENERGY STAR for the second consecutive year.

• By the third quarter of 2019, Grupo Bimbo will derive 75% of its energy from renewable sources worldwide, and it will be the first baking company in the United States to go 100% renewable. This is an outcome of the agreement signed with Invenergy for 100 megawatts of energy from the Santa Rita East wind farm located in Texas, USA.  

• The Piedra Larga wind farm, located in Oaxaca and dedicated to Grupo Bimbo, supplies energy to 90% of the work centers in Mexico.

• The company’s sustainable fleet is made up of 430 electric vehicles.  It also has over a thousand that operate on natural gas.

• Bimbo Solar began operations in 2018 and is the largest self-sufficient rooftop solar energy system in Mexico and the second largest in Latin America.  

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