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Bimbo Global Energy Race ends in success, setting in motion 110 thousand participants in 23 countries

The number of kilometers run by the participants resulted in 1.4 million slices of bread being donated to food banks in the host cities for the third time.
Bimbo Global Energy Race ends in success
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

Bimbo Global Energy Race, the sports event dedicated to one of Grupo Bimbo’s most honorable causes, ended its 2018 edition successfully, playing host to over 110 thousand participants in 23 countries.

The Bimbo Global Energy Race exemplifies Grupo Bimbo’s ongoing commitment to the active encouragement of healthy living as well as cultivating family togetherness.

For a third time, the Global Energy Race is an event with a big cause: for every kilometer run by each participant, Grupo Bimbo will donate two slices of bread to food banks, approximately equating to a loaf of bread for each runner in the 10 kilometer category. Thanks to the participants of the 2018 event, 1.4 million slices of bread will be donated to those who most need them.

In Mexico, the race boasted a total participation of over 30 thousand people spread across the six host cities: Guadalajara, Torreon, Monterrey, Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. Whole families were able to enjoy the event thanks to the different race categories available: 5 and 10 kilometer races as well as a 3 kilometer walk.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Marketing Director at Bimbo remarked: “it is fantastic to see that with each year that goes by, more and more people are participating in our Global Energy Race. I would like to thank each one of the participants for having chosen to be a part of this great global project that we have put together in 23 countries. We have made history again and surpassed our goal.” He added that “as a company committed to our society, we won’t stop putting on this global event, which fills us with such pride, in order to get even more people moving.”

The Bimbo Global Energy Race was carried out in conjunction with Atletica and Powerade. As in each prior edition of the event, the participants received a t-shirt and medal, complete with symbols of inspiration, persistence, and togetherness. This time around, the main image used was of El Oso and El Madroño (the Bear and the Strawberry Tree) of Madrid, the city that will welcome the overall winners of each 10 kilometer race in all 23 countries where the Global Energy Race took place.

Once more, Grupo Bimbo reconfirms its commitment to the communities in the countries where it operates, promoting initiatives focused on health and wellbeing, such as the Global Energy Race, to encourage healthy lifestyles and build a world with a sustainable path that is more humane with options for all, for present and future generations.

Mexico City Winners - 5 KM

Female Category

• Teresa Alanís López

• Daniela Noriega Domínguez

• Selene Muñoz Sánchez


Male Category

• David Sánchez Galeote

• Rigoberto Vázquez Velarde

• Alberto Ugarte


Mexico City Winners - 10KM

Female Category

• Mariana Flores Lazarín

• Grecia Espino Ramírez

• Adriana Reyes Hernández


Male Category

• Jonathan Morales Serrano

• Alejandro Sánchez Viveros

• Rodrigo Villegas García


See you at the next Bimbo Global Energy Race in 2019!​

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