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Bimbo Open Door’s face-to-face session concludes at corporate building

The goal of this business accelerators program is to find collaboration points with startups that offer benefits for both but also learn from their agile essence and willingness to experiment
Bimbo Open Door’s face-to-face session concludes at corporate building
Grupo Bimbo

We are proud to reopen our doors to entrepreneurs with innovative projects with the potential to build a better world. Bimbo Open Door is the fifth edition of business accelerators that we have launched, with which we seek the agility and innovation of strategic entrepreneurs to synergize with our experience and mission towards well-being, diversity, and sustainability.

After a tenacious search for scales ups and startups, we are very happy to partner with the agile and innovative vision of 11 entrepreneurs selected in seven countries, with whom we carried out various activities for them to know our company, its culture, and its objectives. 

"Through Bimbo Open Door, we can see visions from all over the world. We have known very different perspectives. Opening the geographical scope helps us to enrich what we see. The biggest challenge for Bimbo Ventures is integrating the innovation offered by small and fast-moving companies into Grupo Bimbo. That is our primary function," explained Constantino Matouk, our Global Director of Bimbo Ventures during a talk with the winners of "Bimbo Open Door" in which each of them was able to present their views and questions.

The goal of this business accelerators program is to find collaboration points with startups that offer benefits for both but also learn from their agile essence and willingness to experiment. Technology is a fundamental part of the present and future of Grupo Bimbo in areas of commercial goals, sustainability, and carbon reduction, among other things. It allows us to explore new approaches and ways to achieve the excellence that characterizes us.

The 11 companies selected from countries such as Chile, the United States, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Singapore, Peru, and Mexico, held a talk with Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo, in which each had the opportunity to ask a question about sustainability, business culture, personal advice, and leadership.

"Every company must formalize the culture that characterizes it, transmit it to every one of its leaders who, in turn, can replicate it with their associates," said Daniel Servitje. 


Our CEO said goodbye to the participants recommending David A. Sinclair's book "Lifespan." He also gave great advice "don't take step two until you have secured step one."

This week, those selected also visited the different sales centers of Grupo Bimbo, such as supermarkets and local stores. In addition, they exchanged ideas and feelings in a talk in which they shared experiences with their projects and the most valuable learnings they obtained throughout the week.

Daniel’s vision inspired entrepreneurs when he advised them to think of long-term solutions and not just short-term ones, as well as celebrating the latent brotherhood culture in plants, sales centers, and corporate.

"I think it was a very enriching experience. I am amazed at its leadership and how Grupo Bimbo has reinvented itself through the years. Getting things right is constant growth. I also admire their mission and determination to achieve sustainability. Their slogan "Nourish a better world" is something I take home," said Sofia Paredes, one of the selected of the platform.

The best thing is that "Bimbo Open Door" not only opened the conversation between entrepreneurs but also strengthened the relationships between them by exchanging views, findings and mistakes to support each other.

"Bimbo indeed offers a lot to learn, but there are many things that we can learn from you. It is a two-way road," Constantine concluded.

Grupo Bimbo always seeks to be a window into the future and we will continue to do so with platforms such as "Bimbo Open Door", in which we focus on the well-being of people, with a view to sustainability.

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