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For the Second consecutive year, families from all over the world are getting ready for the Global Energy Race by Bimbo

The Global Energy Race by Bimbo will be the running competition in which more cities will participate on the same day.

Grupo Bimbo
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

The 2016 Global Energy Race by Bimbo is the second edition of the race promoted by Grupo Bimbo, in which next September 25 families in 37 cities of 22 countries will activate themselves hoping to have the participation of over 100 thousand persons.

As part of its commitment to society and as a means to add value, Grupo Bimbo together with Fox Sports, Powerade and Kappa will hold the 2016 Global Energy Race by Bimbo to promote the adoption of an active and healthy life style and make families around the world move.

The Global Energy Race by Bimbo is part of Grupo Bimbo’s Health and Wellness strategy, with the desire to empower people so they choose a healthier life style. In this way and through various platforms, it seeks to motivate society to be physically active.

This event offers different options for participation, according to the preferences of each person: 10K, 5K races, in some cities and a 3K family walk.

In México, the participating cities will be: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Mérida, Monterrey, Puebla, and Veracruz, while at an international level, the race will take place in the following cities: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Sao Paulo and Brasilia in Brazil; Beijing, in China; San José, in Costa Rica; San Salvador, in El Salvador; Madrid and Barcelona in Spain; Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Long Beach, in the USA; Guatemala, in Guatemala; San Pedro Sula, in Honduras; Managua, in Nicaragua; Panamá, in Panamá; Asunción, in Paraguay; Lima, in Peru; Lisbon, in Portugal; Montevideo, Uruguay; Caracas, Venezuela; Santiago, in Chile; Guayaquil, in Ecuador; Cartagena, Cali and Pereira, in Colombia; Sheffield, in the United Kingdom, as well as Hamilton and Calgary, in Canada.

Besides increasing the number of participating cities from 22 to 37, in this edition the Global Energy Race by Bimbo has a cause. The Company will make donations to food banks in the 37 cities: 2 slices of bread per each kilometer completed per participant, which is equivalent to a loaf of bread per person participating in the 10K race.

For those willing to participate in the Guinness Record, this September 25, the Global Energy by Bimbo Race will be the race with the highest number of cities participating on the same day, hence setting a new world record.

Another innovation of the Global Energy Race by Bimbo is that starting this year, the T-shirt and the medal will be collectable. In 2016, the distinctive image is the Heaven Temple in Beijing, and each year, different symbols of inspiration, persistence and global nature will be used in each edition.

“The Global Energy Race by Bimbo is an event that we consider to be very important, because in brings together all the communities in which Bimbo is present. For the first time we will hold the race in the 22 countries where we have operations,” added Daniel Servitje, Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Bimbo, during the press conference.

The absolute winners of the 10K race in each city will have a direct pass to participate in the 2017 edition in Beijing with all expenses paid.

For more information on the race and registration, go to: To learn about the Global Energy Race by Bimbo news on Facebook go to: @GlobalEnergyGlobal; Twitter: @globalenergyrun and Instagram: globalenergyrace