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Leadership and innovation in favor of the environment

Over the last two decades, Grupo Bimbo has implemented a robust strategy regarding environmental care, through which it seeks to become a global model in environmental sustainability.
Grupo Bimbo
Grupo Bimbo
Mexico City

In commemoration of the World Environment Day, sponsored by the United Nations, and which this year focuses on the responsible consumption of water, energy and food, Grupo Bimbo announces the progress of its initiatives implemented to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations and of its value chain.

Under its pillar Planet, the environmental branch of its social responsibility program “Sembrando Juntos”, the baking company has implemented a series of initiatives worldwide, aimed to attend the particular challenges of the industry regarding the efficient use of energy, water, waste management and sustainable purchases.

“At Grupo Bimbo we are sensitive about the environmental challenges, therefore we are constantly seeking to incorporate innovative practices and strengthen the ones that are already implemented, in order to contribute in the reduction of the environmental footprint” stated Rosalío Rodríguez, VP of Sustainability of Grupo Bimbo.

As part of our course of action in reducing the water footprint, the Group has best practices such as the implementation of water-saving, capture and reuse of rainwater devices, as well as centers for residual water treatment in all of its facilities, allowing it to achieve a responsible consumption of this vital liquid. In 2014, such practices, helped the company to generate savings of 135 million of liters in water consumption in its operations worldwide, which are equivalent to 54 Olympic swimming pools.

On climate change and carbon footprint, the company has a strategy to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere (CO2), which includes energetic efficiency, becoming a pioneer in this matter, in the industry. Among its main initiatives there is its first ecological sales depot, which is supplied by wind power and has a fleet of electric vehicles which operate in downtown Mexico City. Also, located in Mexico it is the Piedra Larga wind farm, the largest in the world built to give service to a company in the food industry, which supplies electricity to the majority of its facilities in the country, achieving the reduction of 139 tons of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere during 2014.

Additionally, the company has made improvements to its fleet, such as the installation of speed controllers to improve the performance of the fuel of its units and reduce the CO2 emissions. It also has dynamic routes to optimize the sales itinerary and accomplish better trips with their vehicles, reducing the fuel consumption.

Following up this course of action, Grupo Bimbo is committed to achieve zero deforestation. To accomplish this, it implements sustainability criteria in the purchasing of supplies along of its value chain, as well as working with different projects and organizations. An example of this is the joint work of over 13 years with Reforestamos Mexico, a civil association that works to ensure the forests that the country needs for its future development.

In order to achieve an integrated optimal waste management, the company seeks to allocate those generated in its production operations, for recycling and other uses, without sending them to landfills. In 2014, 16 of the Group’s production plants in the United States and United Kingdom, achieved the goal of zero waste sent to landfills. Rotherham and Maidstone plants in the United Kingdom, were recognized with the “Gold Zero Waste Award” for its efforts in this matter. Additionally, an important achievement in waste reduction was achieved in Spain, as well as the recycling of 100% of the waste generated in its production plants.

During 2014, the company strengthened its natural capital initiative, through which it seeks to convey its best practices in sustainability throughout the value chain, and also invites its suppliers to collaborate in favor of the environment. As part of this, it performed the relaunch of its environmental policy outwards the Company.

“We have worked for more than two decades under an environmental policy which evolved with the Group’s growth. This year we updated and revitalized the program with actions focused under each of the lines in which we operate, to push forward the tracking of better environmental practices and promote a culture of sustainability in society” said Rodriguez.

Finally, the executive remarked the commitment of Grupo Bimbo to work in this matter and keep adding up contributions along the value chain, in order to endure the promotion of the protection of the environment and achieving positive results.

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