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For sixth year in a row Grupo Bimbo is recognized as one of the most ethical companies in the world

Ethisphere distinguishes companies that demonstrate exceptional leadership and a commitment to business integrity through best practices in ethics, compliance, and governance
For sixth year Grupo Bimbo is recognized as one of the most ethical companies in the world
Grupo Bimbo

Ethisphere, a global company that defines and measures corporate ethical standards, recognized Grupo Bimbo, a leader in the baking industry, as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2022. Grupo Bimbo is one of the two Mexican companies that are part of Ethisphere’s global list of companies.

Ethisphere assesses companies' regulatory behavior, social responsibility, ethical culture, corporate leadership and governance, innovation, and reputation. In 2022, 136 companies from 45 industries and with a presence in 22 countries, received this recognition.

"The recognition as an ethical company represents much more than just complying with organizational policy and regulations. It is about transcending time and inspiring all our associates to act with integrity and true conviction to do and say the right thing," said Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo.

"Today's business leaders face high expectations for ethics, responsibility, and trustworthiness in driving positive change," said Ethisphere CEO Timothy Erblich. "The companies that appear on the World's Most Ethical Companies list inspire us with their commitment to integrity, sustainability, governance, and community. We congratulate Grupo Bimbo for once again being part of the World's Most Ethical Companies."

Ethics and performance at Grupo Bimbo

The bakery assumes its commitment to integrity and competence through global actions in the countries where it has a presence. For example, Grupo Bimbo published its Global Agriculture Policy to share its vision of practices that support economic, environmental, and social resilience, a commitment aimed at promoting these practices throughout its supply chains. Grupo Bimbo also has a Global Integrity Policy, which details the general guidelines and parameters that guarantee understanding and compliance with anti-corruption laws.

It also continuously strengthens its staff of associates and suppliers through annual training, both general and focused on this subject. 

Ethisphere Institute Methodology and Scoring

Based on Ethisphere's proprietary Ethics Quotient®, the World's Most Ethical Companies assessment process includes over 200 questions on culture, environmental and social practices, ethics and compliance activities, governance, diversity, and initiatives to support a strong value chain. The process serves as an operational framework to identify and standardize best practices in all sectors of organizations around the world.

Acknowledged companies

The World's Most Ethical Companies 2022 full list can be found at:

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