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The key ingredient for sustainability is synergy: Alejandra Vázquez-Langle

Our Sustainability VP participated in the Health and Sustainability forum in Latin America, where the region's challenges, opportunities, and innovation were discussed
Grupo Bimbo

"The secret ingredient for sustainability is collaboration, to continue working together to achieve the sustainability goals that we all have," said Alejandra Vázquez-Langel during her participation. 

Together with Grupo Éxito, Alejandra Váquez-Langle participated in a forum organized by The Consumer Good Forum, an organization that helps consumer goods manufacturers around the world collaborate with stakeholders to drive positive change. 

During her talk, Vázquez-Langle had the opportunity to describe Grupo Bimbo's three priorities with which we seek to promote the health of both the planet and society:

For You, which is focused on constantly improving nutritional profiles; For Life, which focuses on how we relate and support the well-being of our associates and communities; and For Nature, which is focused on our commitment to reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, applying technological innovation in our packaging, and achieving zero waste among other actions.

The global leader in Sustainability outlined some of GB’s goals:

PACKAGING: We work on different packaging technologies to fulfill our commitment to be 100% recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable by 2025. We include clear information in the packaging about the materials, what to do to facilitate their separation and recycling, the technologies available for packaging, and the alliances* we have with post-consumer programs in different parts of the world.

FOODWASTE: Our goal is to reduce waste to 50% by 2025. Throughout our production chain, we implement practices to decrease waste generation. We evaluate the safety of all foods not used in our products so that they are sold at our stores, donated to food banks, and generate strategic alliances. If they are not viable for human consumption, they are used as compost or livestock feed. 

ZERO-EMISSION: Among the 16 strategies* that we have implemented to achieve net-zero emissions, it is to achieve that 100% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources by 2025. 

INNOVATION: This is a fundamental part of our entire sustainability strategy and, therefore, of all company areas. Over the years, we have opted for innovation to improve, from the nutritional profiles of our products - ensuring high standards of processing, safety, and diet quality - to our packaging and improvement in the production chain. 

We have a specialized area called Bimbo Ventures, which seeks technological solutions in the innovation ecosystems of the world to identify new technology and solutions.

Since the forum was aimed at Latin America, Alejandra Váquez-Langle commented that in GB, we are committed to being a company that promotes the common good in those regions where we operate. Therefore, we seek synergies within and outside the company and industry to achieve our goals. 

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