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5 ways to improve your life and the planet

Learn to improve your habits while helping the planet. If you already know them, find out how you can apply them.
 5 ways to improve your life and the planet
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If you want to learn how to reduce your environmental impact in the world while improving your life, follow these tips that you can do from home.

1. Consider using your car less often.

Air pollution is a problem that affects both our health and that of the planet, as stated by the World Health Organization.

Reducing car use is an alternative to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Rather walk or use a bike when you go to nearby places. This way, you help your physical condition and improve the air quality.

2. Use efficient appliances

Don't use the washing machine until you have a full load and in short or water-saving programs whenever possible. Avoid using the dryer as it consumes a lot of resources.

If your appliances are over ten years old, you should replace them with newer models since modern appliances consume up to 40% less energy. This represents a significant economic benefit.

3. Consume local and seasonal products

Avoiding food waste is one of the easiest actions we can take to help protect the planet. To do this, plan a weekly menu so you don’t overbuy.

Consuming local and seasonal products is ideal since it reduces the demand for resources required for transportation and refrigeration.

4. Modify your diet

The high environmental cost of meat production, coupled with growing concern for personal and animal welfare, makes reducing the consumption of meat and other animal products one of the most effective ways to limit our environmental impact.

Make your meals greener and eat whole grains, which are related to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, constipation, and certain types of cancer.

5. Make your consumption more efficient

99% of what we produce or buy becomes waste in the first 12 months after purchase. Remember the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Thinking about reusing something you already have or reducing the purchase of unnecessary things will help reduce the expense of time and money to invest in other things. 

Make your new habits improve your life while saving the planet.

Know our strategy to take care of the environment here:

Source: Fundación Aquae & National Geographic.

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